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Like this guys approach to recording.

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  • Like this guys approach to recording.

    Having too many choices can be come a maze of decisions and once you're gotten off the beaten path your focus becomes split in too many directions trying to find unity using everything. I own allot of gear at this stage in my life but that wasn't always the case. I think I got more hard work done having limited choices because I had to focus more on the musical performance over what I could do using other pieces of gear.

    I believe having those limited choices disciplined and conditioned me to focus on the music and less on the music capture system and I believe I can do more with less which gives me an edge over others who get lost having too many choices and in the process never getting anything done well.

    This guy seems to have caught on to the minimalist model and has some good advice worth reading.

    The #1 rule of home recording is simple: Limit your options like your life depended on it.

    From his own admission I don't think this guy has any extensive analog background but that's a dead technology anyway and even though many basics can be learned from it, its not something you have to know first hand to record well digitally.

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    Another great resource
    flip the phase


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      I agree with much of what he says but I dont with the 100 limit on microphones. You can go a little further than that. Perhaps for the home studio beginner much of this is valid but nowadays people will pay 600 for an overpriced apple accessory without blinking and not find a bit more for a decent mic? The prices here have come way down that there are many more excellent options within 300 range, often including paired ribbon mics. I do agree with his discussion on getting the best take and only doing it a few times. Seems no one rehearses before going into studio. We always did but then studio time is expensive. But when composing this isnt always realistic if you are working by yourself assembling a song as you go. But as always YMMV. Peter
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