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Anyone tried Sontronics STC-3x?

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  • Anyone tried Sontronics STC-3x?

    I´v tried searching, but couldn´t find anytihing on this one.
    Does anyone have any experience with Sontronics STC-3x?
    How does it compare to Røde nt2-a?

    I´m in the marked for two cheapish multipattern LDCs to use as a stereopair for drum overhead, acoustic guitars, vocals etc.

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    When you cant find allot of info on a piece of gear its usually because its isnt popular. It may not be popular because its not a good piece of gear or its just unknown (Or both)

    I did a quick google and that company seems to be more popular in Britain. I dont claim to be an expert on all the latest products but I do allot of reading none the less. I've never heard of that company before over here in the US.

    They may be good, but for the price they want I could easily buy well known and well supported products that have long history of working well. I dont have the time or money to waste on unknown products i know little about other than the spec sheets that look exactly the same as hundres of other mics in its class. 

    I found one review of a studio using them but its hard to know if that reviewer really found the product as good as he said it was or weather someone gave it to him as a gift in return for the advertising. It could be his first mic and he gas no experience with others as far as I know.


    • Zooey
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      I've read good things about Sontronics (mostly in Sound on Sound) but have never tried one.

      I recommend asking your question at a forum with more traffic like Gearslutz. 

    • fruit&herb man
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      That was my tought as well, but alot of their other mics get great reviews, so I go a bit curious. But can´t find anything on this peticular mic.