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Anybody know about Cakewalk guitar tracks

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  • Anybody know about Cakewalk guitar tracks

    Anybody here adept at Cakewalk's Guitar Tracks, Studio, etc.?

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    I have Sonar, Guitar Tracks 2, and Guitar Tracks Pro, but I mainly use Guitar Tracks Pro.

    What do you want to know?


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      Are you willing to discuss/answer a few questions about it, one at a time? First, what is the notion of a single track being able to record in "stereo"? Can you explain this in theory? It goes against any understanding one might have acquired by using a multi-track tape recorder.


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        Sure, I can answer some questions.

        Well, when you record to a stereo track, it splits the wav into 2 signals, but both are on one track. If you decide to add panning to it, it allows you to pan each side individually.

        In this pic, you can see that a few of the tracks are recorded in stereo.


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            One track being 'stereo' really doesn't make sense to me; I want to think a minimum of two tracks playing through two different routes, buses I think the lingo is.
            Anyway, what I'm trying to figure out is why my Guitar Tracks records a track in 'stereo' even when I select 'left' input. You know, the input choices are left, right, and stereo.


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              The input choices are left, right, and stero because those are the three possible configurations for a stero source. What might be confusing you is that even with a mono source (say the left input), the output of the track is to a stereo bus. That way you can use the pan control to place that mono track wherever you want in the stereo image.

              On GT Pro, that can be confusing if you're trying to multi-track in and play individual tracks out. I'm running 8 tracks in and 8 tracks out. I can select mono inputs (L 1/2, R1/2, L 3/4, R 3/4, etc.) but my output choices are stereo pairs (1/2, 3/4, etc). To get the tracks back out I have to pan the tracks hard left or right to isolate them on their own output channel.

              Does that help?


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                If you are selecting "left" you should be getting a mono track.

                Sometimes, (I think) if you start a new project by importing a stereo wav file, it'll select the other available tracks to "stereo" as well, even if it looks like they are set to "left". I had to go and re-select "left" again just last night while messing around with an imported wav file, because the track I was trying to record ended up recorded as a stereo track.

                If you are wondering why your mono input can be recorded stereo, it's just splitting the mono signal into a left and a right, which are both straight up in the mix. you can then pan them seperately if you want.
                I usually don't record in stereo myself. I leave that for the final mixdown.


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                  Well if you look at the wave file in the track view, if you see one graph then it's a mono track and if you see 2 graphs in the one track then you actually recorded a stereo track. If you enabled one input most likely you will get one graph...


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                    I'm not importing any files of any kind. I don't ever use the mic input, either. We always work through the line-in, knowing it is 'stereo.' We don't save or store any files, either. For now, we can't make CD's, so we mix down to a 'deck.' Yes, we use a preamp prior to the line-in. We go one song at a time and then
                    "wipe" everything, and this brings me to the next question.
                    After the above-described procedure, the disk space always declines by an amount; it doesn't return to the previous 'count.' Why does this occur? Why doesn't it return to the 'count' prior to the tracking of a song?


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                      Hmm, your questions always seem so unclear.
                      Hard to answer when I don't understand you.

                      If you mean that after you wipe, your harddrive still shows that space is being used, then it's probably because Cakewalk doesn't actually delete all the wav files....which are quite large.

                      Have you tried deleting the work AND audio files from the Cakewalk folder? I'm not exactly sure about this, and they may be named with some sort of code numbers, so you may have to listen to them to see what they are.

                      As for your problem with stereo...just click on the tab at the bottom of the track/channel in console view, and select R or L.
                      You'll record in mono.


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                        We do several tracks, mix them, and export the mix. We don't save any files. The recording of tracks decreases disk space according to the 'meter.' After externally recording the 'mix,' we delete/erase/wipe all tracks, but the disk space 'meter' doesn't return to the previous count/quantity. If Cakewalk doesn't really delete all files, then eventually there will be no more space. Does this eventual 'filling' of the disk with unwanted files make any sense? When I look around at the various 'drives,' I don't really see any files related to this.


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                          Hmm, I'm not sure.

                          Does the meter change if you reboot?
                          Have you tried defragging after you do a large wipe?


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                            Yes, I've tried defrag and such related 'organizational' matters. The free disk quantification can be seen to be decreasing while the recording occurs. This is understandable. After wiping, defragging, etc., the count never comes back to what it was before the tracking. It is always somewhat less; it doesn't come back after reboot; I haven't compared the tracks' total count to the non-recovered count to see if there is a constant ratio. I have contacted Cakewalk about this, but all they do is obfuscate.
                            Do you have any notions about how accurate the free disk space
                            'meter' is?


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                              I have no idea.

                              My harddrive is plenty big enough for me not to really care about space anyway.