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  • Cubase SX3 opinions and referrals

    Give me your opinions on SX3 and can you recommend any books or tutorials on the software?


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    no opinions?



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      I run Cubase in parallel with my Yamaha AW 4416.
      Its fine.

      Many of todays popoular native DAWs do a very good job of recording, playing back audio. The choice often comes down to what user interface you are most comfortable with
      What SW people that you may collaborate with are using

      In my case Ive used cubase since it was just the best midi sequencer in existence - prior to in the box audio. So, I just felt comforatvble staying with Steinberg. ALso, now that Yamaha owns it, its not going away any tiime soon.

      With all the focus on audio in today's version frankly some midi features have fallen off the plate. However, its still about the best midi implementation out there, the UI is fine and its sounds good.

      Some folks pefer the sound or Radar- but I have no complaints.

      Im sure other packages would work just fine as well.
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        I went from cool edit pro to cubase sx. Cool edit is a nice powerful little tool, veerryy user friendly which is cool, but cubase dominates it's face in my opinion. cubase uses VST plugins (along with any direct x plugins you may have,)which is cool because VST plugs are nice and there are lots of them. The only drawback with cubase is the fact that it is NOT user friendly. It is especially hard to figure out at first, but once ya get the hang of it it's not so bad, and it is an extremely powerful program.
        I've actually seen books in mall bookstores on cubase.
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          I've been with Cubase since SX1 - SX3 and love it. I came from Logic, and no regrets at all (except for paying for Logic).

          PC VST plugins (both instruments and effects) is where all the action is, and many of my favorites are freeware.

          It's very powerful, hence the steep learning curve if you aren't familiar with some of the functions. But you can ignore most of the features and start at a basic level. IMO, it's far more frustrating to find you need a feature and not have it, than to have hundreds of features you may never use.

          Important thing to remember with Cubase SX - Steinberg use SX as a beta test for Nuendo. When they release a new version of SX, it has all these new features that Nuendo doesn't get until the SX users find all the bugs. So ANY X.0 version of SX is a buggy as hell. And the cracks tend to be based on buggy versions.

          Wait until the Second update has happened, and you will be very happy.


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            Originally posted by Kiwiburger
            I've been with Cubase since SX1 - SX3 and love it. I came from Logic, and no regrets at all (except for paying for Logic).

            Hey Kiwi,

            I'm still running SX1 - pretty happy with it still. Are there differences in the quality of plugins and overall recorded sound? are the 'verbs and comps', etc, better, per se, or just different? I'm thinking of upgrading, but not for SX3's functionality improvements.


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              Originally posted by Kiwiburger
              I've been with Cubase since SX1 - SX3 and love it. I came from Logic, and no regrets at all (except for paying for Logic).

              Kiwi, what is actually improved in SX3 vs. SX1?
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                Cubase SX Power! is a great book. I have it in paperback, and it is absolutely great.
                As opposed to Cubase SX 1, Cubase SX 3 has time stretching, and it can read acidized files. In addition, Later versions of Cubase SX can use Mackie Control Extenders. This feature was not available in Cubase SX 1.

                Track freeze is another new feature. You can freeze all the effects on an audio track to save processor use, in the same way that you would use VST instrument freeze. I've used this feature recently, when working on my new mixtape, and it saved me a great deal of time.

                FL Studio can be used as a multiple output VST. This eliminates many of the disadvantages of FLSudio and improves the sound tremendously. The mixer sounds way better and more accurate in Cubase, and the note on/note on issues that I have had in FL Studio are non existant when played through Cubase SX. You can take advantage of the great step sequencing in FL for drums, while using FL as a DX instrument rack for Cubase, and sequencing complex synth tracks from Cubase, mixing and adding FX in Cubase as well.

                Cubase SX is great. I've recorded directly into it using a Universal Audio 6176 and an AKG C414. The only other sequencer I like is Vegas, and that is just for video editing. Besides that, Cubase SX can do every thing you need!