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Cubase SX 1 vs. SX 3

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  • Cubase SX 1 vs. SX 3

    So I was thinking about upgrading to Cubase SX3 from SX1.

    I'm running this on a Windows XP PC with a P4 2.8GHz, 2 GB RAM, SATA HD for music, ATA133 HD for software all through an Echo Gina 24. I was getting some latency running 24 tracks with multiple plugs.

    I am thinking about upgrading to a Firepod, but I was wondering if I upgraded Cubase to SX3, would I get less latency because of streamlined programming, or more because of increased features requiring more computing power? It seems silly to pay $150 for something that doesn't work as well. Any advice would help. Also, if there are other firewire units that are superior to the Firepod for around the same pricepoint, I'm all ears.
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    It seems like I got less latency when my audio interface's drivers were updated. I didn't notice any relationship between updating Cubase SX and latency though.

    Never update during the first release, that's all I can say. Cubase SX 3 is very stable now, but both 2 and 3 were riddled with bugs when they were first released.

    Also, if you want to reduce your latency, get a pci interface from RME or Lynx. Higher quality PCI cards are low in latency.

    Although they will give acceptable performance, firewire units just can't give the ultra low latency performance(down to 1.5 ms with RME Hammerfall) that a high quality PCI interface can. RME also makes firewire products, and they admit this themselves.