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Help me with my tascam dp-01

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  • Help me with my tascam dp-01

    ok, i set out to record my band this week with my behringer mixer and my dp-01fx. I ran the stereo XLR outputs into the stereo XLR inputs on the tascam unit. We had a headphone amp comming from the mixer and everything sounded good comming through the headphones, i thought the tascam unit would be getting the same mix. When i went to mix down my songs, there was nothing there, the track was there and it played but it had no sound. So, did i do something stupid like forget to press a button or is something wrong with my system??

    thanks all

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      I think you need to try some more recording and make sure you've got the right options set on the Tascam and see what happens.


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        Each input has a grey assign button on the front of the unit (right below the faders). While holding the assign buttons, hit the record enable buttons (the ones above the faders) that correspond to the tracks you want to record to. If you've done it right, the record enable buttons will start flashing red. Then, let go of the assign buttons and the record enable buttons will stop flashing. After that, hit just the record enable buttons for the same tracks (the enable buttons will flash red again, but slower this time). Now, you have inputs 1 and 2 assigned to two tracks and both of the tracks are now armed and ready to record.
        Have fun
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