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  • roland vs880 problems

    hey all,

    i hope there's someone out there versed in one of these units. i've been recording with mine off and on for years, and never run across either of these two problems before-

    1) i've recorded several tracks recently in input>track mode, but there is something wonky with the way the pan pots are working. first off, the pots don't move the audio from left to right at all (everything's mono), full signal is either hard left or hard right, and the closer to 12 o'clock the knobs get, the lower the volume, until the signal actually disappears completely at the 12 o'clock position (it seems i've somehow inadvertently switched my pan controls from panning mode into volume controls- i don't have my manual or user guide with me, since i'm on vacation right now, so i can't even look this up, but i don't recall ever reading anything that sounded like this).

    2) the other mystery is that, normally, when i edit on this machine, if i do a 'track cut' procedure, and follow up with an 'song optimise', it will clear hard drive space and give me more time on the counter. with this particular song, however (the one with the wonky pan controls), it doesn't change my counter time at all.

    very strange...

    anyway, if ayone out there's run across such peculiarities and could shed some light, i'd be eternally grateful.

    lance g.