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  • JBL L100s Monitors

    Anyone have any experience in mixing with these? I have used a pair for years in my home stereo and have loved them. Well one of the woofers needs reconing so i started doing some research and found some info stating that these were a studio standard in the 70's. So I'm wondering what amp would be suitable to drive these. I was looking to move up from my alesis monitor 1's and it now looks like i don't have too. Any info would be great. Thanks, Zac

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    The JBL L100 were certainly fantastic
    speakers. I see no reason why they
    shouldn't be employed as studio monitors
    as long as all of the drivers are in good
    working condition. Does the woofer need
    reconing, or just the surround replaced?
    These speakers were quite efficient, so
    they don't need a whole lot of power to
    drive them. I would get a good quality
    studio grade amplifier with about 100
    watts per channel such as a Hafler.
    "Consider everything, believe nothing" Elgar.


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      well on further inspection these are not the same speakers i have. the model number i have is JBL L100S not JBL100. in all the forums people were refering to them in pairs as L100s without the apostraphe. the devil is in the details. these are still great consumer speakers.