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Saffire LE or Line6 Toneport

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  • Saffire LE or Line6 Toneport

    Hello everyone !

    My question might look ridiculus but I was wondering how a Saffire LE (worth about 300$) compares with a small Line6 Toneport UX1 (about 150$). Is there a big difference in quality ?

    I wanted to purchase a Line6 Toneport but a friend of mine told me the Saffire LE would give me much better quality and more inputs for the difference in price.

    Any comments would be appreciated. Especially if someone had a chance to experience both interfaces ;-)

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    More inputs? Yes defiantly.

    Quality? Hard to say never used the saffire although if it's metal (doubt it) then it's built better, the toneports are plastic and I wouldn't want to transport them alot. Focusrite has a good rep as far as mic preamps go.

    With the cost of a UX2 through musiciansfriend ($130 IIRC) though it really just depends on your budget.

    What do you want to get out of your recording and what do you want to do in the future (drums?, full bands, etc)?


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      Thanks for your answer. In fact I saw one at the store and it is made of metal. I never thought of the plastic point.

      To answer your question about what I want to do with it, well basically its really for personnal leisure. I want to record guitar, synth (piano) and vocals. For drums I'll probably only build drum loops or something using Ableton Live. But there are still possibilities that one day I want to record drums or bass too. But for know mainly limited to guitar, vocals and syth cuz I'm not in a band. I've been playing piano since I'm a kid and guitar for about 15 years but have 0 experience in recording. Therefore you input is very appreciated. By the way, one thing that let me thought that quality could be better with Saffire was the firewire port compared to USB on the toneport.

      Let me know what you think.