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Power Supply for Firewire Interfaces Question

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  • Power Supply for Firewire Interfaces Question

    I have a store near me (in Australia) that are selling the Mackie ONYX Satellite rather cheap because Mackie mistakenly sent them European power supplies with the units.

    My question is, can I simply use a plug converter and use the European power supply here in Australia (mains voltage 240V)?

    While I'm on that topic, I could save even more money by buying th satellite through a US store where I would have the same power supply problems. Could I remedy the problem in the same fashion as above or would the mains voltage difference cause a problem?

    Unfortunately bus-powering the unit is not an option since I am using a Windows laptop with a 4-pin firewire port.
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    Call loud tech up. I would ask before you buy. Also, check it at the store (hey why not). Plug it in before you buy it .