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Can someone recommend some monitors for me?

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  • Can someone recommend some monitors for me?

    I have a very spartan DAW setup. Edirol UA-25 interface, an sm57 and sm58b, and Sonar 7. I'm currently using Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers, which are excellent for day to day music listening and gaming, but I've recently been made aware of MONITORS. Now, I don't quite understand what they are exactly beyond high end speakers, but they seem pretty popular in the DAW world, so maybe one of you recording experts could tell me what makes them so special and which ones I should buy. Is it possible to find a decent set for under $300? Would my lower end recording gear bottle neck them anyway? I would appreciate any help very much.

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    I recommend the Mackie MR-5

    If you can't find those, then go for the KRK RP-5


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      the monitors you hear of are quite different from our stereo hi fi speakers. monitors have a flat response. hi fi speakers boost several freqs.
      studio monitors are near field. meaning they a super directional and there is a sweet spot to sit to hear the mix properly.

      for 159$ you can get Berhingers B2031 passive monitors. they have a nice 8 inch woofer. being passive they are powered by an amp. I use an old Peavey.