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Help With Final Year Uni Recording Project!

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  • Help With Final Year Uni Recording Project!

    Heres the synopsis of what im going to do!

    For this project I propose creating a mini album which is themed upon an amalgamation of tradition pop instrumentation represented through experimental recording and mixing techniques. I intend to draw inspiration from methods by other producers and cited in texts whilst incorporating some of my own ideas.

    I also hope to use digital processing techniques including past present and future tools I have developed within Max/Msp Software. One of which was a frequency dependent panner made using FFT that has adjustable bandwidth parameters to split the frequency spectrum around the stereo field. This could, for example, be used on a drum-kit mixdown to create a unique spatialisation.

    The musical influences for the project will include Alternative, Experimental, Rock and Pop genres and the majority of the EP will be recorded with drums, bass, guitars, piano and vocals. I have purposely chosen to keep limitations within my instrumentation to focus on how I can create variety using other methods.
    Whilst I intend to be as creative as possible, I will try to always justify anything with a means of supplementing ideas within each piece.

    Heres an idea i had as a concept for a song:
    Song title: My Perspective

    The song will be based around a story/event with four different characters telling the same story/event but from there differing perspectives. I'd like to try and capture differing perspectives of the musicians within a recording situation.

    For example, i could hook up a stereo XY pair to the drummers head and a clip on mic round near his mouth. As the drummer plays, the listener will hear how the drummer is concentrating on certain parts of the kit as the stereo image shifts and how his breathing differs through faster/slower sections.

    etc etc. The idea for me really is to try come up with creative concepts rather than worry about the final result.

    Heres where i need your help!

    I'm looking to research different producers ideas/concepts. I already have 'Recording the Beatles' which is a fantastic book but i need more things from different sources.

    If any of you could point me in the direction of any articles, papers, books or anything on creative recording/mixing techniques then i would be most greatful.

    Also, if you have any far-out ideas of your own that you'd like to share i'd definately take them on board!

    Thanks for reading!!
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    Nice ideas man! If I were a prof. I'd be impressed.

    Just wanted to say so, I can't really help too much!
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      Digico SD10
      D&B V-series line array


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        Go to and look through their Q&A section.

        LOTS of great info, from top-notch producers/engineers.

        Also, the book "Behind the Glass" is very good.
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