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Anyone record with antique digital gear?

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  • Anyone record with antique digital gear?

    I got a great deal on a couple of Digidesign 442s and their appropriate Nubus cards for my Quadra 700. Yeah, a quadra. 700.

    The seller was kind enough to include the disks for Pro Tools 3.2 for it, not the free version, but the actual software that they bought with the 442s.

    I have it hooked up to my quadra, and I've actually recorded with it, nothing much, just me screaming 'Test! Test!' into a mic, and it actually recorded it. I was shocked.

    If I recall, these things can record at 24 bit, 44.1kHz, so it should be CD quality... And supposedly the quadra can handle 8 tracks, so I'm figuring why not keep this around for a little bit? I'd like to record my friend with this, he'll get a kick out of it, with it being old and all...

    Anyway, I do have a problem with my system:

    On my Quadra 700, that has 2 nubus slots, I installed both protools cards that have the 50 pin out and hooked both of those up to a 442. The computer can see both 442s because I can recalibrate both 442s. However, in the ProTools program, I can only record from the first 442. I go into the Hardware menu from Pro Tools, and it'll only see 1 442. I can select the 'slot' pull down menu, but only the first 442 shows. What's the fix for this?

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