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    Hello folks. I am looking to replace the stock GT Tubes in my Brick and I was wondering if I could use a 12AX7 in place of the 12AU7.

    I have some old Mullards that need a home. Will this hurt the unit or sound quality any?

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    The 12AX7 is a much higher gain tube than the 12AU7 so unless you want to experiment making your micpre into somewhat of an effects box I would stick with a 12AU7.

    An old 12AU7 should be fairly easy to come up with if you want to locate one, certainly not as common as the 12AX7 but still a pretty common tube.


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      I am no expert in all that is tube so could you point me to a particular brand?

      I seem to recall reading that certain companies are really good at suggesting tubes for specific applications.


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        Telefunkens are the holy grail but can often be a bit pricey these days. Mullards, RCA, and Amperex are worth looking for, I'm not sure exactly what GT is putting in their Bricks but it's probably not quite as good as any of these. It's not going to exactly be a knock you over kind of change but they do sound different.


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          It's not going to exactly be a knock you over kind of change but they do sound different.


          AND it will sound different in a way YOU ARE NOT EXPECTING... I describe it as a push/pull type of feel... Which in actuality is also a worthless description.

          BUT don't forget, its not the tone so much as its presentation... (jeeze ambiguous again!)

          Youll see! Or maybe you won't... (no joke, Id say 1/2 can't tell any difference at all)

          It also matters quite a bit HOW the tubes are applied in the design... I don't know the brick. But it could be like the Avalon 737 preamp- change the tubes all day and it doesn't make a difference. People like to CLAIM its different but its not and the way they are applied in the design affects that as well!

          The ONLY time I changed tubes and it was worth the time and effort was on a 59 fender amp...
          Best post ever-

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