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    Hi there,

    I'm having some trouble with the software, much obliged if anyone can help...

    set-up: MIDI keyboard > 01v96 mixer (v1 software) > Hammerfall RME > Cubase SX3

    First off: If I want to use the mixer as a MIDI controller to record to a DAW, does Studio Manger have to be running and "online"? Or is it enough to have the seperate USB MIDI Connection software running?

    Studio Manager (v1) has always been flakey for me (crashes etc), but recently it's stopped sync'ing with the mixer altogether. When I try to connect to any USB MIDI I/O; I either receive a failure message, or no message while the software remains "offline".

    I've tried reinstalling it to no avail. Any ideas what could be causing the problems?

    FYI, my PC is brand new, running XP sp2 (downgraded from Vista) and virus-free (not even connected to the web), and well above the recommended spec (4GB RAM/500GB HD).