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  • Home studio (mics ect.)

    Ok well I'm a drummer and I would like to start recording my set and everything. I'm not trying to making a huge studio, but I would like to have something to record with.

    Well I found these mics on guitar center. I think they will work perfect and the reveiws say they are good.

    Along with the mics, do I need a mixer? Cause I have seen that a lot of drummers that record have a mixer. I found this one and I think this is a decent one.

    Do I need anything else besides that stuff? I have a laptop. And I have heard that you also need a good room to record in. What type of room. A muffed or more of a echo room?

    Thanks a lot.

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    you need mics to pick up the sound, mic preamps to amplify that sound, an analog to digital converter that will convert that sound into your computer and a program inside the computer to record the data to the hard drive.

    You need either a mixer to take all the mics and mix them together to a stereo track ( if your soundcard/converter only does stereo) or a converter that will accept as many channels as you have mics to record.

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      Good enough thanks


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        I use these mics there good. I also use a Presonus FireStudio Project.(Audio Interface)