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    ok. a couple of months ago, i bought a mini mbox 2 thinking i would get used to it till i outgrew it. well 2 months later i need many more inputs than this offers to mic my drumset. Right now i have my sony vaio which cost about 2200, with no original intent to use as a recording computer, but is a great laptop. I also have the shure KSM 32 and a shure sm 57. I wish to mic my whole drum set with four mics total. since i need more inputs and wish to do my mixing on protools, i plan to upgrade to an mbox 2 pro. for my other drum mics i planned to get the audiotechnica atm250 for the kick drum, use my shure sm57 for the snare, and buy 2 oktava mk 012's. is this a good idea? is there a better interface that is compatible with protools 7.4le that is suitable for my enviornment. also, my budget is not too great, so for dynamics and all that, i planned to use plug ins. would it be significantly to use hardware? and since i have a low budget i have heard good things about the vst to rta converters. anyone? i know it's alot, but i need some help. i will post pictures if someone can give me some advice about some room acoustics treatment. first timer any advice is greatly appreciated