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    Hey all,
    I am putting together a small garage studio and wanted to get advice on setup. Next week I will be getting my new ADK Pro Audio DAW (rock!) and will be using some outboard gear such as mic pres, digital reverb units, a Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2, etc.

    Now, my garage is directly adjacent to a bedroom. I plan to drill a whole through the wall and run a 16 channel snake to my patch bay (1/4") and then from the patch bay to my I/O (because I want to separate the rooms, of course). What do you think? Is this the way to go as far a routing? If so, can you recommend a good 1/4" snake or should I take a different route?

    Thanks guys,
    Faith means not wanting to know what is true - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Faith means not wanting to know what is true - Friedrich Nietzsche


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      Running mics through 1/4 cables means you have to run all your mics high impedance.
      Sounds like a bad idea to me, especially if you're running over 50' of cable and any mics
      that are any good are low impedance. Plus any condencer mics will need low impedance
      cables to run phantom power.

      I'm not sure how long your run needs to be, but you should think about buying low impedance
      mic cables and just bundleing them together into a snale. You can buy batches of multiple cables
      like 10 packs on sale and save allot. Even if they are only 25 footers, that should get your from your DAW
      to the inside of the garage. You can hang the cable from the ceiling and connect shorter cables to mic your
      drums instruments etc.

      I can say, I have the option of setting up my DAW in another room too but opted to keep it in the same room.
      Ot wouldnt be practical when I wanted to record something myself to run from room to room.
      I just use a wireless mouse and keyboard. I do my mastering in another room though after I mix the music down.

      dont forget you'll need a talkback system, and a camera might be a good option too so you can see whats going on in there.
      Heating/cooling, sound treatment, security, are some of the other issues you'll need to deal with as well.


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        Thanks for the advice on this! My mixer actually has a talk back feature but I haven't figured out how to use it yet. I'm must read the manual! HAHA. Once I start doing some mixes I will share them here.
        Faith means not wanting to know what is true - Friedrich Nietzsche