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Anyone use SPDIF?

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  • Anyone use SPDIF?

    I was looking for interfaces to expand the 4 recording channels I currently use, and I thought of finding a preamp device to use with my Saffire Pro 24 SPDIF connections, but it's cheaper just to get a new interface. SPDIF is on many devices, but I was wondering if anyone uses it? I have ADAT in on the Pro 24, which may be preferable to SPDIF... are there any used inexpensive SPDIF preamps to hook up to the Pro 24? I just don't see it mentioned much and wonder why mfgrs still put it on their equipment? it's a cheap add-in to mfg instead of adding a few more inputs? i know it's more popular in the UK...
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    Art DPSII. Will give you 2 channels to SPDIF.

    Not bad for the price.

    If you go ADAT a lot of people go with the Behringer AD8000 (8 channels)
    Tim O'Brien


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      I use the SPDIF output on my Saffire pro 40 for my VRM box. I'm planning to get an ART MPA digital at some point, but I won't need extra inputs for a while.


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        I'm using a L6 toneport UX2.

        But I'm also using a Digimax D8. The D8's pres are considerably better than the UX2s. In fact, I'm really considering dumping the UX2.