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Problems with TASCAM DM 4800

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  • Problems with TASCAM DM 4800

    I bought a used TASCAM DM 4800 last Summer, and have been very pleased after I made it up and running....) But, today, the troubles started....I needed to hook up my old desktop PC,as my newest need to be sent for a repair, and after I hooked it back on again( all software was installed from before), I suddenly didn't get any sound at all ot of it....I use the Mackie Controls in Cubase 5. As for now, I made the Cubase faders control the Tascam faders, but still NOT the opposite way.....( And also, NO signals of inputs and outputs in Cubase....(Another thing is the Outgoing sound from the PC( I use the internal IF/FW-card in the mixer as the soundcard, connected thru FW), does NOT work either....My friend in Australia, who helped me last year, made me have the OUTPUTS on channel 49-50. I get sound from the microphone e.g. in the Channel Input 1 to be heard thru the mixer, but I am NOT able to play mp3's and other soundfiles from the PC.....Anyone having any idea what causes this problem for me, as I LOVE the mixer....( even if it's too big for my house....)