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MIDI sync in Cubase AI

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  • MIDI sync in Cubase AI

    Trying to sync up my Yamaha Motif XS6 with CUbase. I have a 5-pin midi cable running into my Presonus the trs lines hooked up for audio...I've gone under TRANSPORT>projct sync> and selected the Presonus Audiobox as the device etc...can't get my Motifs sequencer to start up when I hit record in cubase which is what I need to do.
    Motif XS 8-into an Mbox-out of my PC and into the sky.

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    In the older version of Cubase I have theres a tab under options for setting up midi and the device needs to be recognized and listed as a selectable tab
    there with midi enabled. You also have to set up midi tracks with the proper midi device enabled.
    I think my version of cubase has a scan mode too where it scans for all your audio and midi devices. its usually run during the program installation
    and finds all your gear. If the gear wasnt attatched and enabled before you set up the program, then running the scan again may enable it automatically.
    Your version of cubase is likely newer so all my suggestions may have changed, i dont know. You should be able to access the hemp menus and find the
    info you need. I found that to be the #1 most helpful thing you can learn to do is read the help files because its all listed right there. You may also
    have to check the keyboard manual. I know I have to go into my Yamaha keyboard menus and properly enable Midi first or the DAW program wont
    recognise a midi device is connected.