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Izotope Ozone 5... wow... I'm a believer now

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  • Izotope Ozone 5... wow... I'm a believer now

    Holy crap... I don't know what it does, but what it does is pure magic, nothing less. I used it's CD Master preset, minus exciter (added too much distortion on some instruments) and wow... I didn't know I could achieve such sound. First of all, I got like +20dB boost from already normalized material without any artefacts (!) and then everything started sounding so FULL and balanced. And it smoothed out all the rough edges, I don't know how. It's like someone remixed all my songs from scratch. Everything's so smooth, clean, tight, right and well placed. I guess I did good mixing work too, in the end, but oh my god... this **************** works and is worth every penny. I could have spent years messing with best reverbs and EQs and compressors and would never achieve 1/10th of the awesomeness this put on my music. Holy Avengers!

    Now my record actually sounds like the best out there. Seriously. Like the best. Have you heard Schiller recent albums? I have that wide full spacious sound. That's how I sound now. And I bet his unmastered tracks sound like crap too, btw, hehe. I would never guess mastering can do miracles, I thought it's a little polish here and there, but not complete actual TRANSFORMATION.

    Wow, just wow...

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    I have Ozone 3 & 4 and could use them in a pinch, but I'll takes waves plugins and Harbal for mastering
    any day of the week. Ozone colors the music too much. Its OK if your music isnt mixed well and it needs that coloring,
    but if you try to go beyond presets and tweak the individual EQ, Multiband, and Limiting for mastering and customize those
    settings based on the songs tempo and genre, I find the GUI for those effects pretty poorly designed.

    As I said, I could get buy using them if I had to because I been mastering digitally for a long time and
    have the process memorized, but they are not pro friendly. The program is designed to get a wow reaction
    from presets from those new to recording. They are not designed to be used in a step by step method used
    by mastering engineers where you walk each parameter in manually the way you should.

    As you said, youu dont know what it does it just makes it sound good.
    As an audio engineer, there is no such thing as magic. That is something for listeners.
    You should know exactly what each effect does and know how to tweak every one of them
    to make sound the best they can. Otherwise you're just going to slap a one size fits all preset
    on everything and that does not work as you'll soon learn once you get over the Wow Golly Gee factor
    and start hearing the flaws. Attack and decay times of comps and limiters have to match the songs tempos,
    and Even a change in musical keys requiers different EQ settings.


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      Lewey - thanks for the heads-up. Next time I have a spare $200 laying around, gonna give it a try

      check some tips from master Anderton :

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        Ozone need not color your music more than any other tool. The component parts of it (EQ, multiband compressor, limiter) are as neutral as other mastering tools from Waves, Massey, or others if you don't use the tape or tube settings.

        I like to set the EQ for "digital" and turn off most of the bands. I also disable most of the bands for dynamics purposes--sometimes I just use one or two. I generally just leave the exciter and the reverb completely disabled. I also usually use Pow-r dither instead of the built-in dither.

        Though I don't know by which measure the OP got a 20 dB boost without artifacts. That's about 4X more gain reduction in the limiter than I generally aim for.


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          Though I don't know by which measure the OP got a 20 dB boost without artifacts. That's about 4X more gain reduction in the limiter than I generally aim for.

          It was a hyperbole.


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            can we hear a before and after?
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