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Are KRK Rokit5's ****************, or is it just my luck?

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  • Are KRK Rokit5's ****************, or is it just my luck?

    I've had a pair of the original Rokit5's for probably 7 years. I hadn't used them much in the last few years. I dusted them off, and found that one was hissing no matter what. I was told it was likely the amp module, and that I'd be better off replacing the whole monitor then fixing.

    So I order a new pair of Rokit5 G2's. I've had them just over a month, and the LF driver stops working on one.

    Is this to be expected? Is there something more reliable and as good sounding in the same price range?

    Hard to say, it might be a loose connection, bad fuse or maybe a bad cable connecting it.

    I'd follow thyeir troubleshooting guide here.

    If its inside then maybe you should have bought something else. The first one
    died of neglect (caps dry out when not powered up regularly which is likely why the first one went bad)
    better built stuff shouldnt have issues being in storage but theres so much gear being built from the same
    budget vendors, you just cant say your situation is normal or not. The same issue can happen with any piece of gear,
    or it may last a lifetime with zero issues. Its just a crapshoot and you lost. Dust off your rabbits foot and send them
    back for replacement and see if the voodoo helps, if not try another brand.

    Oh and the noise problem seems to be an issue with others. I did a google on KRK
    Rokit5's and it seems my guess about cheap caps going bad have some validation.
    This guy replaced his power caps and fixed his problem.

    Having one speaker go out completely sounds like a blown fuse, bad connection or a blown driver.
    the Fuse should go before the driver so its my best guess with the new set.

    Next time you plan to make any gear purchase do a google search and use something like "Problem with such and such model number"
    or "Issues with", "troubleshooting such and such" and see how many hits you find. If theres problems with gear people will post it.
    If you cant find anything then the gear may be new or just good stuff. I do this always now. I bought anough headaches in my
    time to avoid problems. If I buy something that has problems I do it as an electronic tech knowing I can repair it.

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