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Less is more, How true

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  • Less is more, How true

    I always get a kick out of those who think they can get a bigger mix by adding
    layer after layer of the same parts. It just doesnt work sonically nor psychologically.
    The more times your attention is split, the smaller each individual image becomes because its sharing the frequency spectrum with other parts.

    I came across this in Mix Magizines Classic Tracks describing

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    i went to the kitchen to make a coffee and told my 4 year old son to make a mix in the mean time,

    when I came back he had the mix finished and i asked him how does it sounds, he said "ugly"

    all fader of the console where way up on the top, hee hee


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      I get a kick out of people screaming for 32 bit interfaces, then proceed to limit their mixes to a 1 db dynamic range,

      and about 10-bit sonics

      i think Invest all cash in the hearing aid industry, that has future