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    I have only been recording for the past 6 months, and I am having a ton of fun with it. Although I mostly have been working with plug-ins since I live in an apartment right now, I do own an SM57 that I have used a few times recording my Marshalls prior to moving in with my girlfriend. We're moving into a rental house in a few months, and I will get to have my own mancave aka home studio. I want to have fun and experiment with different mics. I know the Sennheiser MD421 is highly praised, so that is definitely on my list. I've heard some good things about the e609 too. What else do any of you recommend for recording guitar?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Well a combination of a Dynamic, a Condencer and Ribbon mic covers allot of bases.
    It really coomes down to What you're going to use the mics for. if you're going to record
    a drum set, that would be one thing. If its going to be mostly vocals, then it really comes down to finding the
    best mic for your voice. I sang live for so many years through bad PA systems I really didnt do my voice
    justice training it. I bought some large Diaphram recording mics Like MXL, Audio Technica, Cad etc.
    They all had pretty much the same tones for my voice. I could do a few things well, but other stuff
    it was really tough to work with them. I rely on allot of mic techniques to get my sound.

    I found these on sale last fall
    They normally sell for $200 and they were on sale at Musicians friend for $39.
    I did one recording with the one and it knocked my socks off. It was exactly what I needed.
    A handheld condencer I could use like a normal Dynamic and get that large diaphram tone without
    all the pops, esses. I went and bought 4 more so I coulld replace all my live PA mics as well.
    My vocals sound so much better now and I dont have to use half the plugins and EQing I used to have to use
    to get a good solid vocal part happening. I compared them to theShure SM87A my lead singer uses and it is definately in thet league.

    There are so many good mics though. I used to use the Senheiser MD 421's for studio and live stuff. They are great Dynamic mics that
    sound really good on both male and female vocals. Thay have the frequnecy rolloff settings too.

    The Shure SM7B is another good dynamic studio mic. It needs a decent preamp to get its best tone happening.
    There are plenty fo great condencers too. Many use the Rhode mics and they get good reviews.
    MXL is a great middle of the rode mic too. They have a huge selection to choose from with some great prices.
    I been thinking about getting one of their budget ribbon mics here to try out.
    If its not so hot I can probibly sell it and get most of my money back.

    The Audio Technica has been having a sale on their AT2020 mics recently too.

    It all comes down to just snagging a few and trying them out.
    Buying used can save you allot. you can try them out and resell them if they dont cut the mustard.
    its just noone can tell you whats best for your voice if they never heard you sing. All mics will color the
    voice. It takes some trial and error to figure out weather that coloration will work for your voice, your mix,
    the genre of music you play, the room you'll be recording in, the preamp you'll be using etc etc etc.
    its like asking which guitar would best suit your style? If you dont ahve a guitar and havent played any,
    your guess uis as good as mine what you may play best on. maybe all, maybe none.