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Feedback on Cover of The Kook's 'She Moves in Her Own Way'

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  • Feedback on Cover of The Kook's 'She Moves in Her Own Way'

    Hey all,
    Just recorded a cover of She Moves in Her Own Way, I'm on bass and vocals....any feedback on the recording or playing would be most welcome :

    Thanks in advance,

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    The mix has allot of issues that need to be fixed.

    Vocals need are not up front where they should be, and the doubleng
    of the vocals has timing issues that makes it sound amature.
    The bass is badly buried and badly EQed, guitars are too dry, sounds like they
    were recorded direct and improper care was used EQing and mixing.
    That sax thing is just plain awful. It sounds like it was recorded off a $10 casio
    and its got a bad harmonic feedback that sounds like a blown tweeter.
    Placement of the parts in the stereo field are not good.

    I suspect this was mixed on headphones or something other than studio monitors were used.

    None of this critique has to do with the actual playing or performance.
    I like the heavy british accent and the song reminds me of some Hermans Hermits type stuff.
    Your problem here is learning how track properly and mix. What I'd do is take it to a pro and let
    him tutor you on mixing and show you the tricks involved getting something semi pro happening.
    It can help you leap a few years ahead in learning how to mix slugging it out on your own.


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      yes i agree with what wrgkmc says. i must say first, nice one for giving it a crack ,you can only learn by actualy jumping in and doing it. i like the overall big picture and i like the vocals. i would have brought up the acoustic pick strumming more cause that is where the drive should be coming from like a train chugging along and the bass guitar should be more positive on the 1 and 3 of the beat making it more danceable ,actualy get the bass player to dance while playing it ,he`ll feel it better. well done guys


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        Okay, thanks for that input - I'll take that feedback on-board
        Many thanks.