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In Need Of New Headphones.

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  • In Need Of New Headphones.

    Hi all. [Hope this is the right place for this thread]

    I decided, because of the budget, to get good headphones instead of cheap monitors.

    Budget: basically around 200$, but I can be flexible.

    I'm more of a musician(mainly guitar) than a producer,
     and I use my DAW/Extremely Humble "Home Studio" mainly to record my ideas and explore them
    (with VSTs of stuff I can't play or instruments I can't afford), and to record my band or a small jam.
    I don't usually sit down on a project and mix and master it (yeah, I know this is what most of this forum is about  :roll: )
    although rarely a certain project comes along that demands it.

    I record: Vocals, Electric Guitars(sometimes DI, sometimes with my SM57), Acoustic Guitars, Sometimes Bass,
    and use my midi keyboard to "record" Pianos, Strings, Horns, etc. and e-drum kit for for drums midi input.

    Genres: Mostly Jazz,Rock,Funk but also Electornic or Symphonic(both rarely) and other stuff.

    Needs: A reliable product, I intend to use it for a good amount of time 

    I know there different kinds of headphones(open, closed, etc.) and i Hope I've been specific enough about what I need
    so you can direct me in the right way.

    Thanks for all the upgrade-process help from ya'll.  :-bd

    (new) PC:CPU: i5 3470PSU: Dunno YetM-Board: Gigabyte H77RAM: 2X4GB DDR 3 1600Graphics: Intel Graphics HD 2500Hard Drives: Western Digital: 1TB Black(WD1002FAEX), 500GB Green(WD5000AACS), 160GB(WD1600ADFD)OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BitAudio Hardware:External Audio Interface: PreSonus FireBoxAmplifier: InterM PA-2000aMics: Shure SM57 & KSM27

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    I have  a couple pairs of these:

    The m30's are the same without the folding aspect.  For the money they are best cans I have EVER heard.

    I plan on gettins some m50's.



    • JTMusicVA
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      the M50 is vastly superior to the M30 or M35.....

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    what are you running into them? (like do you have a headphone amp?)


    • Lee Knight
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      Being a long time user of Sony 7506s having owned maybe 8 pair over the course of 20 years, and really needing a change from them, I set out on a quest at the NAMM show to find my new standard.


      Audio-Technica ATHM50S.


      I loved them and I should receive them shortly. The bass is big yet tight, the mids have an almost Yamaha NS10 quality to it, or the standard Fostex phone's midrange quality, and the highs are there without being shrill. I think I'm going to like them a lot.

    • zoobooboozoo
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      @Willi: I use FireBox interface

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    I've been through a decent amount of headphones and I am extremely sensative to sound quality and comfort. Also durablity, as many of my other pairs come apart. 

    My favorite and current pair, I actually have two pairs are the Audio Technica's ATH M50.

    Can't go wrong with these.



    I am a Mercenary And Music Is My Weapon.


    • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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      the headset we use is suprem as well biological









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