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    OK, so, im new to recording.. Been reading a lot about recording, equipment, mics, monitors, ect... I want a good dynamic for my guitar amp, and the two im torn on are a sm57, and the audix i5, leaning more towards the i5. Anyone have extensive knowledge on both? What do you think? My other option of course is to eventually get both, and record either one on one speaker, the other on another, or, one on axis, the other off..

    Next question is I want a good versatile codenser mic, pref. no more then $200, and im not opposed to used. What does anyone like in this price range? The ones ive heard alot on are the at2020, and the B1.. Personally, ive been looking at the mxl 3000, or something from blue.. It would be used for a room ambient mic, acoustic instruments, and vocals.. What do you think?

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    Shure is always a safe bet. For $200 most condenser mics sound about the same. The Sterling st51 is a great mic and can be had on ebay for under $50. Do you have phantom power to power a condenser? Check out Zenpro Audio clipilator. They have a mic listening system so you can hear many mics on many sources. You will see most sound about the same. Like power amplifiers, mics are supposed to be transparent and most succeed with today's technology.

    If I listed all of my gear here my wife may see it and start asking questions.


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      Wow... thanks so much for that website!!! UNfortuantly, no mxl mic clips.. boo... So you think most condensers under 200 sound about the same? If I increased my budget, what would you choose? say, 500 and under? is that a more realistic budget?

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    I'd look for a few different choices, as that will allow you to get the widest variety of sounds.

    For guitars, I'd go w/a Shure SM-57 and a Sennheiser E609 - you could find used ones for around $150, total.

    For  vocal mic, if you've got $500, I'd look for either a used Shure KSM Series, or Audio-Technica mic.

    IMHO. there are several levels of condenser mic price/performance points:

    >$200 - entry level Chinese stuff, which can be very good.

    $200-500 - Still mainly Chinese, but better build quality and consistency - Rode, BLUE, etc.

    $500-1000 - You start getting very good sound here, nothing too flavored, but accurate and built well. Shure KSM, AT 40 Series, AKG and Neumann all have mics here that are very nice.

    $1000-2000 - Starts to sound great, when you get the right mic on the right voice. Bock, Neumann, BLUE, many others.

    $2000+ - Real magic, when the right signal chain captures the right voice.


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