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I’ve Got A Ton Of Creative Methods to Help Anyone Improvise And Get All Imaginative Like!

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  • I’ve Got A Ton Of Creative Methods to Help Anyone Improvise And Get All Imaginative Like!

    Hello lovely people!

    I made a channel called Not Right Music to help anyone get into improvising and bring more imagination into their music.
    Here is a video that introduces an easy and creative method to start improvising right away.
    Deep Secrets To Music Improvisation

    It’s a new channel, so please bare with me as I get used to creating and uploading these videos.

    Some ideas about my approach to teaching:
    A creative supplement to your guitar & music adventures.
    Music lessons designed for all people with an interest in the creative process.
    No music theory or traditional teaching methods used.
    Surprisingly simple approach.
    Any style.
    Any instrument.
    Any level.
    These are ideas that you can apply to your music right away!

    Just a friendly warning: these are not typical guitar / music lessons.

    I’ve taught thousands of people how to open up their creative potential for writing and playing music. Now I’m attempting to bring that to YouTube.
    I’ve been teaching these methods at my own school in Tokyo and at universities, private schools, and workshops around the world for over 15 years.
    I’m also a freelance composer and performing musician.

    Other videos you might be interested in:

    How To Improvise Using Nothing But An Acoustic Guitar

    Creative Tips & Tricks To Practice Improvising

    Being entirely new at teaching to a camera I'm open to suggestions, comments, or questions.

    My channel - Not Right Music:
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    Hey that was pretty cool. You look like you own a house there in Tokyo with them wooden floors. Next time I'm in Tokyo, perhaps get together for a drink. I'm a bit south of you. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos.
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      Well that's some freaky stuff you are doing there in the first video