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Request for suggestions for brands of Nylon String Guitars for teaching 4th & 5th graders

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  • Request for suggestions for brands of Nylon String Guitars for teaching 4th & 5th graders

    My daughters school has guitar club after school. They have a handful of really beat up rickety guitars. I want to buy a few guitars on ebay or craigslist or whatever to donate to the school. The teachers only request was that they be nylon string. I have a limited budget. My main concern is that they guitars have tuners that will stay tuned within reasonable expectations. Can you recommend brands where there low end models will still be of functional quality. I was thinking Fender, Takamine, Yamaha, Cordoba and Hohner might be ok and I am seeing those pop up pretty regularly in the $70-$110 range. The teacher also said 1/2 and 3/4 sized guitars would be desirable as well. Any and all thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    The link is just a web-grab of a reputable brand that's been in the business for many years at the budget level with good quality. It meets your size and budget preferences. I would also get a full size (instructor's) guitar with electronics to incentivize the students, like the dangling carrot.

    GC has an affiliate called Music & Arts that deals in student grade instruments. You might contact them and ask if they would enter into a guitar rental agreement with the school (assuming you are Stateside).
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      I'd stick with Yamaha through their closest retailer, so they can get service/extras in future. Yamaha are amazing bang for buck in every price bracket.


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        I don't know if they are available in the US but here in the UK there is a brand of student guitars called "Jose Ferrer". Very reasonably priced but nevertheless well made.They also come in 1/2 to 4/4 sizes.

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          Here's the cheapest full size at Musiciansfriend. I don't know anything about them. You're on your own.

          Amazon has half size guitars for under a hundred as well
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