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Cort CJ Retro jumbo acoustic-electric review

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  • Cort CJ Retro jumbo acoustic-electric review

    Here's a link to my Cort CJ Retro review...

    Click image for larger version

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    As always, if anyone has any questions about the review or wants to talk about that guitar, this is the place for it.


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    Cute looking guitar. Lennon would have loved it.

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      Thanks for the review. As you no doubt know, Cort is the second largest maker of guitars in the world after Samick so it's no surprise an instrument bearing their own brand is a good one. It's reasonably attractive, the white pickguard, tuner buttons and truss rod cover notwithstanding. From a personal standpoint I'd prefer not to have knobs/shafts sticking through the top of my guitar but it does go with the vintage vibe. Of somewhat more concern is the presence of a laminated top but I'm probably not the target market. All in all, a credible product from a manufacturer with a proven track record.
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        Good review on a "meh" guitar (my opinion only). Nothing about it really appeals to me. Don't care for its looks at all, and the laminate construction is an absolute deal-breaker for me.

        I'm usually a fan of inexpensive guitars, but not this one.

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          Nice review. I like that retro look - that white truss rod cover reminds me of the old Harmonys. The whole laminate thing is not a certainty: Some laminates sound terrific; others don't. And you can't argue with the price. The bottom line remains how it sounds and feels when played but I do think it worth trying out.


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            It might have sounded tinny with a decay so quick even bluesmen would smirk, but at least it's ugly.

            The aesthetic is a vintage grab at money so to be fair I'd have to hear it.
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              I wrote off Cort as ho hum until I got a Sunset 1 (takeoff of Gretsch Spectrasonic, with TV Jones, Grovers, good parts and great build), and then couple years later a great bass for not too much.
              I love jumbos. Points I like about this include not combining strap with output jack, seems their version of Lennon's Gibson, neck inlays (BTW same as on my Sunset 1). Oh, and the price. I like the looks and does remind me of Sears catalog offerings I'd gander while watching original Star Trek. Ah, lost youth. Really inexpensive but not cheap. If I needed/wanted another jumbo, it would be high on my list. Nice review Phil...
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                Wow that's different to my Cort CJCE Custom. Mine has top of the line everything: Master grade engleman spruce top, solid straight rosewood back and sides, thick ebony fb and bridge, grovers, flamed maple binding, Fishman premium blend system, etc. Mine was just over $1000 USD new way back when I got it.

                Mine just keeps getting better.


                • Emory
                  Emory commented
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                  I looked at Cort page after my post. Nice stuff, eh? If my Tacoma jumbo (my fave acoustic by far) is ever stolen, explodes, etc may be route to go. Bang for buck is there with retro for sure, and might be wise choice when going to shady venues...

                • Phil O'Keefe
                  Phil O'Keefe commented
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                  The CJ Retro would do fine at a gig, and it is inexpensive enough that you wouldn’t be risking your high-dollar guitar... that and the strength of the all laminate construction also make it suitable IMHO for beach trips, camping, etc. And it is really a decent sounding and enjoyable guitar to play too.

                • Grant Harding
                  Grant Harding commented
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                  Yeah - it would be good to have a cheaper player for stage.

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                Originally posted by Idunno View Post
                It might have sounded tinny with a decay so quick even bluesmen would smirk, but at least it's ugly.

                The aesthetic is a vintage grab at money so to be fair I'd have to hear it.
                Gotta call on this. When you knot your tie, pretty much 2 ways most of us do. Four-in-hand, and half Windsor. Well, Windsor too, if you’re 70.

                Point is, that’s a pretty classic style, and while your cynicism is appreciated on occasion, I (don’t fret, probably JUST me) don’t think it’s justified. It’s a classic cool look. What.....Yamaha’s just a vintage grab for money for the Martin clones?!

                Of course they are. They ALL are. So next time a guitar is mentioned, we’ll all have to call it a VGFTM as well, because it is. Unless it has fan frets or a side hole. Then it’s a contemporary grab for the money.....

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