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1998 Washburn DX2000 Limited Edition Anniversary Model

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  • 1998 Washburn DX2000 Limited Edition Anniversary Model

    I got a Washburn DX2000 that I want to sell. Does anyone know what it's worth? Or where to sell it? It says it is 244 of 600.
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    Not familiar with the guitar but a google search brings up a couple of them for sale in the $400+ range. I think that is a typical price for a decent quality PacRim guitar of that era assuming its in good condition. Good condition to me means the neck angle is good, there are no structural issues, frets are OK. If any of those things are not perfect then the value drops to almost nothing in my book - why would someone put 300 into resetting the neck or 200 into refretting a guitar that probably isn't worth much more.

    I repair guitars and buy things like that at yard sales when I seem - I do the repairs and then donate them to my schools music program.

    Probably the best way to sell something like that is Craigs List - I would want to see it in person so evil bay or any other online auction wouldn't work. (I had to laugh at one of the ads I saw - they said the guitar has been hanging on the wall for years, is dusty, has a broken string and is out of tune.)


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      Coolio yo. Thanks bro.


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        RIP dear Washburn.