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  • Case w/ great protection!!!

    I recently purchased a Hiscox case for my guitar. This thing is really awesome, lightweight and really strong. I'll much prefer dragging this out to the local festivals versus the TKL that came with my guitar. I did a comparison of the Hiscox, my TKL, and my SKB cases.

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    Welcome Elisdad. I agree, Hiscox cases are great, however they typically cost two to five times as much as a generic TKL case. If you are going to travel or fly much with your guitar then the additional protection is probably worthwhile - for most of us who throw their guitar in the back of the car to go to a gig almost any good hardshell case is a whole lot better than a gig bag.

    I happen to own about a dozen guitars right now and every one of them sits in a nice TKL or Cedar Creek case. If I had to buy a $500 case for each of the I probably wouldn't have as many guitars.

    Btw - I also build guitars and every one of them gets a TKL or equivalent case unless the buyer wants something else. Most don't think its necessary


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      Thanks for the welcome and the response Freeman. I agree that there are a bunch of nice cases out there and several are cheaper than the Hiscox. Just a note, the Pro II cases cost $279 (black)-$329(ivory). If you watch musician's friend you can get a 15% off coupon too, which makes them a bit more affordable.

      The thing that I wanted in a new case was good protection, lightweight, and a light color. I specifically bought this case for carrying around fiddle and bluegrass festivals. My TKL is nice, but it is 14.5 lbs empty versus the Hiscox being 9.2lbs. Also the black tolex absorbs heat like crazy.


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        Calton also makes some nice, rugged and expensive cases. I've built a few odd ball instruments (long scale 12 strings, wooden resonators) that didn't fit in any stock sized case. TKL's custom case division is Cedar Creek - they make very nice cases - expensive, long delivery, but the fit and finish is incredible. They are heavy and usually black, but for some guitars it has been the only solution.

        The lid of this has a depression to fit the palm rest, another for the tail piece. Absolutely perfect fit


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          Very nice case.

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