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useful bottleneck trick -- overpinky fretting

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  • useful bottleneck trick -- overpinky fretting

    I don't know anybody else that does this, so here it is. The demo's a bit rough because I've been using a not-bottleneck slide the past year, but I think it's clear enough.

    In short, you use the bottleneck on your pinky and *reach over* it to fret higher up the neck.
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    I'm a pinky slide player, and I may try that later. Then again I have a hard enough time playing slide.
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      I'm a pinkie slide player and I would find that almost impossible to do within a song. First, I use the fingers behind the slide to dampen slide noise and as sort of a gauge of how much pressure I'm applying with the slide. Second, I almost never play slide in standard tuning except maybe noodling around on an electric. Third, my hand just doesn't bend that way.

      I would love to see a vid of you actually using that in a song however


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        first song.
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