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Experiences regarding Seagull finish quality?

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  • Experiences regarding Seagull finish quality?

    I got an otherwise exellent Seagull Coastline Grand guitar this week through an online retailer. The instrument plays well but it has some issues with the consistency in the finish. E.g. the fretbord side dots are varying in appearence. Do you have any experience with Seagull guitars, is this normal or typical for them?

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    Hi Mcjr and welcome to HCAG. My experience with Seagulls is limited but I would say you are being a little bit picky. They are not expensive guitars and I would not expect perfection in their detail..

    Looking at your photo I can't tell if the side markers are pearl dots or plastic - they kind of look like pearl and if so the inconsistency is to be expected.

    I have repaired one Seagull (loose neck attachment bolts) and I happen to think that the S12 is one of the better bang for the buck 12 strings on the market. I would say that if the dots are the only think that bothers you then you've probably got a pretty good guitar.


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      I agree with Freeman - those look like pearloid side dots, which are a kind of imitation mother of pearl, and like mother of pearl, they're supposed to have some variation in them.

      I wouldn't worry about it too much - it's supposed to look like that.

      And as Freeman said, welcome to HC!

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        Thank you for the replies and the welcoming to HC. Indeed, I am probably too picky with this otherwise very nice guitar.

        From the look of the dots however, they seem to be painted onto the neck, therefore my impression of a somewhat sloppy finish.


        • Freeman Keller
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          Possibly paint but that wouldn't be very common. Much more likely are plastic or pearl/abalone dots just like the fretboard markers - tiny holes are drilled, the dots are installed with CA or similar and finished over.

        • Phil O'Keefe
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          ^^^ Yup.

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        Hi and Welcome to the Forum. I haven't gotten a good look at a new Seagull recently but there are guitars that have the fretboard edge markers painted on. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut costs. I have an Alvarez RD10 from about 2003 that looks like the edge markers are painted on but we're also talking about a $150 (new) guitar. The Coastline Grand is well over $400 and I'd expect better at that price.
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          Hi - that just looks like they had a bit of bleed into whatever they masked the dots with when they shot the tinted coats. They should have fixed this before shooting the final clear coats in my opinion, but not a biggie.


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            They look like phases of the moon. If the moon is allowed to do that, your dots are in good company. Hope this helps and, welcome aboard.
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