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    Years ago I was given an Epi D-14 guitar. It has a norlin logo on the lower corner of the label on the inside of the guitar so I'm assuming it came from that time period in gibson's history. Just curious to know something about this guitar. I live in an area dominated by bluegrass and country music and many people have asked me about this guitar and I hate that I have nothing to tell them.

    Do any of you know the years these were produced?

    It sounds very well, lots of low end. I really enjoy that in a guitar. Problem is it nees new frets and I am just curious if it is worth it to have it done? I realize that this was a low end guitar but it does not sound like it at all.

    How much would it cost to do a refret on a guitar like this? Don't know if it would affect cost or not but the neck is bound.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this subject for me.

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    If you enjoy the guitar then it'd be worth it to get the frets done reguardless of what the cash value of the guitar is. Many times I've traded down to get into something that I thought had a better sound then the guitar that I had at the time. The "value" of a guitar is in the sound and playability, not in the cash that it's worth. Go for it, get new frets on it and enjoy it for another few years.


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      I do plan on doing the re-fret. Not really worried about the value of the guitar. Just curious about the history, time period, and other info on the guitar. Also curious about how much a re-fret should cost me?


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          The "Norlin era" ran from 1969 until 1987 Epi was a cheaper alternative to Epiphone that came out in the mid 1970's IIRC. Prices were maybe in the $80-120 range. I bought an Epi A-10 on eBay a few years ago for our daughter and it's a nice little guitar, roughly 00 size, cedar top/probably nato back and sides.
          A refret won't be cheap. Figure $75-100 if you're lucky enough to only need a partial refret, $200 or so if you're not. Here's what Bryan Kimsey charges:
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