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  • Old Norman guitar

    My guitar is a 30-year-old Norman B-68, then their hand-made, top-of-the-line model. The construction is unusual, with the mahogany neck bolted on to a heel concealed inside the guitar. Still solid as a rock.

    This was the first really nice thing I ever owned. I chose it over a Gibson Hummingbird and a big Martin, in the same price range, because I thought it sounded better. Still do. Also, the rosewood back and sides are the prettiest I've ever seen. Even so, I've never seen another like it.

    Has anyone else?

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    Nope....I have a newer ST68

    Do you have any photos of yours?


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      Whoa....that guitar is a classic ! 30 years ago, this was 'the guitar" that all the local artist had in Quebec along with the 12 string model. It was the guitar to get back then and people swore by them. There are not many left around and they were hand made by Normand Boucher himself with some of the luthiers in LaPatrie. A great guitar to have !



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        Thanks for the info. I'll post photos when I get my new digital camera figured out. The unique neck attachment is especially interesting. It must have been more of a pain than it was worth, because I've not seen anything since even remotely like it. I've had the neck off a couple of times when I've changed string guage. It has four short dowels that fit into corresponding holes in the interior heel. It's then held on by long screws going through the back. The screw heads are covered with little silver inserts.

        Otherwise the guitar is conventional, but primo: Grover machines, with the gold plating long since worn off; mahogany neck with tight, perfectly straight grain; spruce top; X bracing; rosewood fingerboard, white binding on the body but not the neck, very simple herringbone rosette. The action is superb and the thing sounds like a grand piano. I've never even looked at another guitar in the 30 years since I got it.

        I'd like to learn more about Normand Boucher, who, I understand, is the father of the Quebec guitar industry.


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          Well here you go my friend :

          You can read about Mr Boucher from the above link.


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            i know it's an old thread.. i just ended-up on this message board searching infos on google for Norman's old b68. Anyone owns this guitar here? Got mine back in 1970. How much do you think it is worth?

            anyway nice to be here this is a really interesting site



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              There were only 100 b68's made before 1973 serials 1001 to 1099. I am lucky enough to own 1086.


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                Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing pics of your Norman. A friend has a B20 that I like a lot. Bear in mind though that this thread is 12 years old and the last post before yours is 7 1/2 years old. You might be better off if you created your own thread, including an introduction.
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