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Breedlove Cascade series?

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  • Ricochet
    started a topic Breedlove Cascade series?

    Breedlove Cascade series?

    Anyone had hands on one of these? All-solid body, made in Korea, inspected/set up in USA. Looks like they typically go for $1299 new, which is a lot for an Non-US built guitar. It also appears they've been discontinued, though most of the major online retailers still have 'em in stock ... and I think the attempts to get rid of them are starting: MF currently has the C25/CRe for $749.

    Comments I'm finding online seem mixed, but that has been what I've observed about Breedlove in general. I've played Atlases & Passports, liked both. I get that the look of these doesn't appeal to some, especially the headstock, but I like their look.

    Anyway, curious to hear others' opinions...thanks!

  • ubernerd

    I played a Breedlove Cascade parlor at Guitar Center the other weekend. It had solid rw back and sides and a cedar top and Baggs electronics. It was a really nice guitar and played and sounded great.

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