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Any Laney Lionheart Users??

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  • Any Laney Lionheart Users??

    I know this is the guitar thread, but maybe I can get a bite here... I eed help....😏... L20T 4x10 or 1x12, both used UK Made? The 4x10 P10R's is less than 1/2 the price of the 1x12 G12H30-55, but it's more of a back-breaker, though either amp will really be going out much, if at all. Pluses, drawbacks, favourites out there? Much obliged. FWIW I've owned L5T head & combos, & a L20H head. I've always liked the punch of 4x10"s, but don't want to lose too much of that sweet low end & overall beauty that the G12H30-55 is famous for!!??? Truly different animals?
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    No first hand experience, but I'd probably go with the 1x12 with the G12H30-55.

    I own the Laney L5 and think it's a great little head. I was running it into an Avatar cab with a single Celestion G10 Gold, and while that sounded quite good, I couldn't help but recently getting the matching blue tolex cab for it that has a single G12H 70th Anniversary. Somehow, the voicing of that speaker seemed like it's character was a bit of a better match, although both closed back cabs produced great tones with that head.

    But I'd be tempted to try out that G12H30-55. It's no doubt a quality speaker, and it should produce plenty of bass -fo sho-. It has the same high end range as the 75, however, the bass cone may tame some of the edginess, which could indeed be a very "personal preference issue". But as you cite, it won't be a back breaker.

    I also have a Laney Cub 10 and even one of the new little Lionheart minis -2x3. Laney definitely makes some good stuff.
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    Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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