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  • Convert left-handed guitar to right-handed

    That such foreros, and I found myself with an ibanez 560 lefty from 93 to about 250 dollars, the problem as I said right is that it is left-handed, as there are no instrument stores here where I live because the e bought to be right-handed jaj, well in my eagerness not to want to play like this, I decided to make it right. The problem is that I have no idea what happens in the wood if I do it, because I want to make it right, apart from having a lot of holes in the front I do not know what happens when I want to reduce the cutaway on the left side, the mast is left without its base to hold it and no longer hold as it should or if at the time of putting another bridge must fill that same empty cavity to be the bridge left hand or glue to use to stick that wood where the springs go etc.
    The guitar in question is this;
    Let's see if someone can help me

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    Sell. Buy righty.
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      Re-string, re-intonate, move the strap button to the lower horn and play it "upside down"... Don't attempt to move the knobs or re-shape the body, you will ruin the guitar or at least damage it and remove any resale value.

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      Sell. Buy righty.
      Another viable option.

      Just a right-handed BODY (try eBay!) for not too much money, and simply move the neck and all your hardware over.
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        why? just tell me why?
        you bought this guitar why?
        because its so special and a modell you long searched after for?
        and now want to reshape it that it fit to you?
        you like the painting and you want to destroy it by reshaping?

        i'll give you $300 and you ship it to me, but don't destroy this guitar because of your stupidy, get a righty ibanez rg and be happy


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          Good lord, I HATE the way this forum handles images now. I can't make sense of it. It wasn't that long ago that you could see and directly edit image tags, now it throws up this thing with the image and "thumbnail/tiny/extra small/small/kinda small/normal/big/extra big/huge/fullsize/upload" W......T.......F???
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            I think it's nearly bad karma to turn a left-handed guitar into a right-handed one. Lefties have so few choices to begin with... I really do feel sorry for them. It would be better IMHO to sell it to someone who actually plays left-handed and get a right-handed instrument for yourself.

            That aside, if you really want to convert it, Mr.Grumpy gave you the correct advice. All you need is a new nut, restring it, and re-intonate the bridge, and you can play it "upside down" like McCartney, Hendrix and many other lefties have done with right-handed instruments. I don't think trying to change the body by modifying the horns is a good idea at all - if you want the body flipped, then either get a new body or a right-handed guitar. Modifying it to that extent will totally ruin the value of the guitar.

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              You made one mistake already, don't make a second one


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                Put the tools away, put away the spray paint, and sell it.
                Other option is as Mr Grumpy said, sell the body, buy a right handed one.
                The 560 is a nice guitar, lefties are reasonably rare, and we have a lefty who will treat it right. Feel free to contact him, and sell it to him.
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                  I didn't even click on any links on this thread and look what, a 'lefty' is top of my youtube suggestions. Nor have I recently looked at any Gales / Hendrix
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                    You might need to flip the body over and re-rout it from the other side. The neck pocket could be problematic...

                    But seriously, lefties have a LOT less choice in guitars so I think it's rude to convert them.


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                      *waits for the OP to edit post with spam links*


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                        I bought a Nice 94 MIM Strat left handed and restung it right . Boy you lefties put up with a lot trying to just play guitars I was unable to keep from hitting the just wasn't worth it.. Anyways I only kept it for a few weeks traded it in on a Jackson Soloist with 3 singles.


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                 there are absolutely NO instrument store where the OP lives...sorry, but that does not explain how he wound up with a lefty instead of a righty.
                          Apparently English is not the OP's primary tongue, which complicates things a bit.

                          To the OP:
                          You can't convert the guitar. This is a fools errand, and you obviously know nothing about guitars or wood working so I am just going to tell you what the others here already have. Sell it, give it away, but don't try to change that guitar. The instrument is not the problem.
                          Your other choice is to learn to play left handed.
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