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Help needed with OLD DIMARZIO SDS1 4 COND. P/U

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  • Help needed with OLD DIMARZIO SDS1 4 COND. P/U


    Hi. I recently picked up an older SDS1 that has a total of 4 wires: bare, black, green & white. It will be going into the middle position opposite 2 P90's. 10 different blogs have 15 differing answers as to what's what. I was under the impression that it was a single coil p/u, so I'm a little confused. Bare is obviously ground, but what about the other 3? Is one left taped off, & is there the option that there are two hots, with one of them being a lower output lead?
    I'm lost...the p/u is in transit so I can't measure stuff. But what's the general layout of my four leads?
    Thanks all~~

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      first off, it is a dual coil humbucker. I don't think they even make them I don't know if you will find the correct diagram at the DiM page.

      I have one in the bridge slot on my Strat...its been there since the 70s.
      IIRC, the bare is ground, the green is too, so twist them together, and the black and white are the normal outs...its been probably forty years since I dropped that little beast in my strat!

      If you are combining that particular p-up with P90s, what pots [ 250k or 500k] and what switch config [3 pos/5 pos] are you using?
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        Hey DADDYMACK... I'll be using 2 500k pots, Blender pot & a 5 way. It's not an SD Super Distortion, it's the single coil SDS-1, not stacked or anything,,,, just a SC. If the black & white are both normal outs (hot), where do they go?


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          Says SDS-1 is a plain ole two conductor ceramic magnet single coil.
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            I have one of those older Dimarzio Start pups in one of my guitars. Its a few millimeters taller then other start pups.
            Sounds very decent, exactly the way a strat should sound without any unusually Boosts or cuts in frequency response.

            I paired it with a Vintage would strat pickup and a Mighty Mite Humbucker for the bridge, the same type of HB van Halen used.
            The three together are a wicked combination.

            The Dimarzio site shows both the vintage and new stacked humbucker, Noiseless Strat pickups using the same Dimarzio color codes. This below is taken from the installation instructions from their site.

            Click image for larger version

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            Dimarzio made pickups for allot of different guitar manufacturers. The ones that are labeled Dimarzio will have the same color codes. The ones which are branded for other manufacturers often have different color codes and be a bitch to figure out unless you have a meter. Even then its trial and error getting the polarity right with itself and other pickups, so you sometimes have to swap the wires around till you get them wired right.
            I have several of these branded Dimarzio pickups I bought used and wound up not using them for very long. Some were wound too high or simply didn't have a good tone. The Super distortion wired with a Series/Parallel switch is my all time favorite Dimarzio pickup. I had a set in my Gibson "The Paul" years ago which was absolutely killer sounding on both clean and driven tones.