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  • reverb

    Anyone buy or sell on reverb?
    I bought my newest guitar on reverb and was quite happy with everything about the whole transaction.
    (note : I said newest guitar not last,there will probably never be a last guitar if I.m still breathing)
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    They only list has been sold stuff.
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      i bought a dano 12 string a year or so, which was my first purchase on there. went as smooth as all my ebay (buy it now) transactions
      ok i just have 18 ebay transaction so far in almost 15 years

      i like their quizzes and some of their articles and andy from proguitar shop pro is also there. i think reverb is easier to use and their search overview is better than in ebay...

      that said i'm not buying much gear lately and not ger browsing and on the hunt for a bargain or a steal like i used to


      • gardo
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        I gave up on ebay a couple years ago,not that I buy so much either.
        I mainly use local CL and a couple oline stores . I do like the videos and such from reverb

      • t_e_l_e
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        well as i stopped gear browsing and bargain hunting, i just buy stuff what i really need and then it depends where i can get it at which price.
        so i buy stuff from thomann, reverb, ebay, amazon or some smaller dealer if they have the item of my demand on stock and cheap...

        also e.g.the used effects market went crazy so getting a cheap roland beebaa, or an original tonebender or fuzzface or the like is not happening anymore, no matter where you look, ebay or reverb or local craiglist

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      Yeah, I bought a guitar off of and it went very smoothly. I recently also bought an LP (record) and a CD off of ReverbLP, which also went smoothly.