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Automotive paint custom colors used on 60s guitars

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  • Automotive paint custom colors used on 60s guitars

    Spurred on by Phil's article on the new Fenders I looked up the automotive custom colors on 60s Fenders.
    Here is a really interesting article including a cross reference color table

    and one for the Gibson enthusiasts

    (I do like that Pelham Blue metallic Caddy)
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    There's this stuff too...
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      Originally posted by Chordite View Post

      (I do like that Pelham Blue metallic Caddy)
      The Caddy pictured above it sure looks a lot more like Kerry Green than Inverness Green to me. Look at the examples on the color chart right above it. Maybe it was mislabeled?

      Same thing with the first picture in the Fender color link article - that '64 Strat sure doesn't look like foam green to me - more likely it's either aged Lake Placid Blue or aged Ocean Turquoise.

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        Kerry Green for sure Graphic color dipper agrees
        car R176 G218 B207 chart Kerry R178 G221 B212
        The Inverness green chart is another planet R40 G151 B127