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The new American Performer series from Fender...

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    I’ve got 57 classics in my 2013 SG Standard... I love those pickups!

    I’ve got smaller paws too... those Fender Fullerton AVRI’s have really comfortable necks on them - at least all the ones I’ve tried have been like that.

    If you ever think about selling yours, please let me know....


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      I'd prefer it if they used the finishes from the highway one series.
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        Originally posted by Daryl Flynn View Post

        Yeah, the American Specials are great. I recently bought one and I love it. The Texas Specials still get that Tele thing, but they push everything a little harder than my old American Standard Tele did.

        I'm going to get a '52 Reissue and have that as my traditional old school Tele, and then put a 4 way switch on the Special and have that as the rock/blues Tele.

        It's all I really need. Well, and a Les Paul, gotta have one guitar with humbuckers.
        Yeah, you should get a '52 RI, they are a particularly great sounding Tele. At least mine is. It's got the deepest sounding tones of any of my Tele's but I had a harder time putting down my Am Spc. Tele. The '52 I have is stock wired so that you do not get the B+N pickup selection without installing the included mod kit. But where most Ash bodied guitars sound more "toppy" to me, that '52 is deeper sounding. I got lucky and found mine new for $800 from a ma 'n pa store. It just hadn't sold, so they were blowing it out. Lucky me. The other thing that was a bit troubling is that I read that they did a nitro finish over the top of a thin poly finish. Assuming that was correct, I noticed that I was getting the "tacky" feel nitro without the fabled benefit. But regardless of those internet philosophies, it does indeed sound great. Mine was bought somewhere around the beginning of the 2000s, so I imagine their may have been some slight tweaks to the manufacturing since I picked up one. Happy hunting!
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