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    Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe View Post
    Very nice Teles! I've seen the MIJ before... didn't you post a pic of it in my bound Tele thread?

    Is the neck really thin on the red AVRI Strat, with a C-shaped profile?
    yes it is, it's really slick for smaller paws like mine.

    The 62 Tele RI has a little fatter neck.

    I think the guitar I have with the thickest neck is a ES-135. My 135 has 57 classics, as opposed to the P100's.
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      I’ve got 57 classics in my 2013 SG Standard... I love those pickups!

      I’ve got smaller paws too... those Fender Fullerton AVRI’s have really comfortable necks on them - at least all the ones I’ve tried have been like that.

      If you ever think about selling yours, please let me know....


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        I'd prefer it if they used the finishes from the highway one series.
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