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    Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe View Post

    Nice job on the Money solo. Did you use the blue PRS in the video for the recording? That's a beautiful guitar!

    I've always thought it was brilliant the way Marc took the Effect forum's suggestion to do the graphics on the Pig Mine so the miner's lamp on the pig's helmet lined up with the LED. Next to the Malekko Echo 600, that's the best LED placement on a pedal - evar!

    Very nice pedals you have there - you have excellent taste. IMHO, Marc / Skreddy makes some of the finest pedals on the planet.
    Yes! that's my 2008 custom 22 Quilt 10 top Matteo blue.
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      Originally posted by bluesmann View Post
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      Yes! that's my 2008 custom 22 Quilt 10 top Matteo blue.

      I have PRS CU 22 in McCarty Sunburst. I tried a bunch of em one day, including some McCartys , 24's and 22's.

      I thought if I was gonna get one it might as well do a few thing well.

      I like the PRS whammy, so it give me some start capabilities, so tele capabilities and kind of feels like a LP. All familiar territory to me. I love quilted tops and Flame tops. Plus I wasn't getting a PRS with out the birdies. I kept the rotary switch in mine too, it really does give you the most tone options. I also have a strap that I leave in the case, as mine has the big washer like strap pins. I had to slightly cut the straps holes and make them so they would fit over the end pins.

      I have had about 4 meas amps in my arsenal at one time. A DC-5, combo, a 2x12 Tverb combo, a 2x12 Maverick, one of the early Single rectifiers, and Nomad. I got rid of the Tverb as it was a nightmare to pick up, they were 98 lbs, but they did have casters, Love the tones off that amp.The Single rectifier 1x12 went to a kid form NH that drove 3 hours to test it out. He came with him mom. I had a 1x12 rectro ex cab that you could stack the single rectro on and it made a small stack.

      I told him if he wanted I'd toss in the cab for a little extra. He asked me if I would take less for the single, as it didn't hurt to ask. I told him, he's the one that drove 3 hours and he could drive 3 hours back empty handed for all I cared. Yeah he took both pieces. Clean as a whistle those pieces where .He had a Gibson Flying V with him so I knew after I showed him what the amp could he was gonna make out all the gain control possibilities.

      Anyway, I liked my Mesa stuff a lot, however the only Meas amp I kept was Normand 55 1x2 combo with no graphic eq on it. It's heavy but manageable. The problem with the Nomad series is it was not much less than the Mark III and 4's, which I found to be a nightmare.The Nomnad has 3 channel with 3 separate treb, mid and bass knobs, reverb for each channel and a solo boost button.

      I asked the sales guy that worked at Mesa how many folks were employed there he told me about 50, there might be more now, but it's a rather small company.

      One thing I heard about PSR is everyone starts in the sanding room. You can work you way up from there. They run tours and you can get your electronic cover plate signed by Paul at the end of the tour. The chrome cover plates on mine have a slight patina. Chrome ain't what it once was, with all the guitar manufactures. It have chrome on older guitars that has nothing more than a pick scratches on it.
      I think all the USA ones are hand numbered too. Looks like they do it with a silver sharpie pen.

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      Tone king Meteor II 740A head


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        Wow - you've got a LOT of great gear.

        I've now got 2 pedals, a backup amp and the profiler. I feel under prepared. I don't play for a living though and hardly gig anymore.


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          I plug into a Bugera 6262 with a 2x12 cabinet. I also have a marshall jtm60 combo as my backup. then a fender champion 40 for practice.


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            Ok, First up is my Original Roland Blues Cube. 60 Watts of tone, that even the gain channel sounds wonderful and full of tone! (Roland's are known for having a gain channel that sounds broken.) Fender clean without the Fender label. I got this when I was sponsored by a small music store. When they closed 3 weeks later () they told me to keep it.
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            Same thing with this beauty, a Roland BN60 Bass amp. Once house sound got better, I didn't need to have a moving company help me with my 500 watt Peavey head and 2 2x15 cabs. My back and ears thanked me!

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            Roland's ONLY Tuber, the hybrid Bolt 60. Really stupidly nice cleans, a great lush reverb, and a gain channel that can only be described as "broken".

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            And pedal-wise, it's this, though not always in the same order.

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