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Gibson Creditors Want New CEO Before Rescue Deal

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  • Gibson Creditors Want New CEO Before Rescue Deal

    About time!
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    Benson Woo is back.

    One Gibson figures out it's a musical instrument manufacture they will be make on track.

    Any salary cuts should be from the top.
    No more, 998 Les Pauls in the catalog line up.

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      Glad I bought 3 Gibsons in 2017. No matter what happens in the future - I got mine. And I got them at staggeringly low prices.

      My little Les Paul Special double-cut is a joy to hold & play.
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        Anyone else here get in on the Chicago Music Exchange Gibson Blowout around the holidays?
        New Gibson Memphis guitar were selling for less then half price.
        Two of the nicest gentlemen, and most talented people: Mssr's Diezel and Krampe.
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