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What are your Favorite Single Coil pickups (size).

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  • What are your Favorite Single Coil pickups (size).

    I'm probably get the New Jackson SL4X and replace pickups. I like EMG's But what else is out there that are noiseless but good for all styles of music?

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    My personal favorites are Kinman - I have them in a strat and a tele.

    I also like Seymour Duncan Vintage Stacks for a traditional Fender sound.
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      Tom Anderson makes some of the best I've ever tried.
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        The Duncan rails are in it and aren't bad so I'll live with it . I was looking in my Junk box and found 2 PJ Marx single coils and 2 unused Humbuckers I forgot I had. Maybe I 'll try the singles?


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          I have the Fender SCN (samarium cobalt noiseless) pickups in my Tele, and I like them a lot.


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            That reminds me. My SCNs are still in the box on the shelf.
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              Schaller S6, 1970's / early 80's Bill Lawrence L-250, Dimarzio Chopper, Dragon Fire Duo Rail and Dimarzio YJM ( HS 4 ).

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                Gretsch-DeArmond Fidelatone aka DynaSonics.
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                  I've got a set of Di Marzio Virtual Vintage 54 noiseless pick ups in my Vigier Expert, they're very sweet!!!!!

                  love them. Great bell ring tones, and mellow woody tones.
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