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Gibson Memphis Tour Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

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  • Gibson Memphis Tour Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

    My impressions:

    1. The Gibson facility is huge. And it is in a prime Memphis real estate area. It is much larger than the factory itself. If it is sold - it could easily become the largest shopping mall in the Beal Street area. It appears to be a relatively new building complex.

    2. The Memphis factory is turning out only 60 guitars per day. (Think about that.)

    3. I saw maybe 50 workers turning out those 60 guitars daily.

    4. There is ONE -- only one paint guy. He's been around a long time. So every
    ES guitar really has a slightly different paint job. Impossible to get exactly the
    same paint coating if you only have one worker doing it.

    5. That one guy also paints over the bindings on the guitars.

    6. There are two or three workers who then painstakingly remove the paint coats from the bindings by hand.

    7. The tour was floor-level with the workers, not high up looking down. We were maybe 3 to 5 meters from the actual work area.

    8. 2 PLEK machines (and a lot of other machines) in that factory. One old presser or stamper came from Kalamazoo and is still in heavy use.

    9. No ES Les Pauls are being made in 2018.

    10. I didn't know Gibson owned TASCAM & Line 6. But their gear was on sale
    in the retail shop.
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    Cool stuff!

    I thought Yamaha owns Line 6. Learn something new every day.


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      Actually Yamaha does own Line 6 unless Gibson just bought them.


      • Etienne Rambert
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        Dunno. I just saw a new Line 6 amp w/a price-tag in the show-room at Gibson Memphis.
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      Yeah I thought Yamaha owns Line 6. I guess they haven't sold the factory yet.


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        I have a couple of ES guitars made in Memphis.

        They did a super job on them.

        My other Gibson came from Nashville, and I have 2 acoustics made in the Bozeman Plant, as well as a Flatiron mandolin. The other mandolin was made in Nashville.

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          That's cool info about how they operate though - having 2 Plek machines is a surprise.


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            Cool. I'd like to take the Gibson or Martin tour (acoustic guy) some day. 60 guitars a day at 5 days a week at 52 weeks a year at $1000 average per guitar is $15,600,000 retail.
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              Our guide told us they project average retail for $3k - $3500. That sounds high. But it's not a lot higher than Sweetwater.

            • DeepEnd
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              Thanks. I picked a nice round number and guesstimated with it. I figured it was best to guess low. An average of $3205.13 makes a cool $50 million.