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  • Quiet picks?

    Whilst we are in bonkers pick mode. I am a fingerstyle player, mostly thumbnail in fact. Although I am very happy with that I am trying to practise (unplugged) using a pick for when thumbnail breaks could cause trouble.
    The only trouble is:

    I think it was Brian May who said he uses a heavy pick to try and reduce it so I am not alone in finding pickclick annoying. ps Correction, it was Eric Johnson.
    Is there any design of pick that doesn't click like a cricket? Fingernails can do it in complete silence.
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    The only thing I could suggest, are the felt picks used for autoharp or sometimes for bass.

    Click image for larger version

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      Interesting, thanks penguin.
      Update: Apparently they are Ukelele picks, I have just ordered some
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    Fingernails don't do it because They are curved and you tend to pull them off and not through the string like you would a thin, pointy pick. picking upwards with a flatpick helps and also there are those gigantic clear picks every body raves about.
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    I use Dunlop Ultex 0.73mm because they sound the most like my nails to me and I use pick and fingers alot. I also play rhythm bits where I need pick noise (eg: U2, funk) and they sound great.

    There's also alot that can be done with playing technique to reduce that on an electric. Smaller and more accurate movements, more circular than up and down. I seem to almost roll just the tip of the pick over the string. Holding more of the pick also helps because it doesn't flex much.


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      Just found this which covers different pick materials (though not the click issue) The felt looks like an interesting halfway house between fingers and a standard pick.


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        For decades all I basic used was Fender 315's mediums, and in past years I moved to there 351 Heavy picks. I have tried many other picks too including the Dunlop Tortex were ok.

        I finger pick too and use a pick, depending on what I am doing.

        Some how I never could get used to the Nation steel Finger picks and thumb pick, which is kind a too bad, since they are great dobro and lap steel work.

        Last year I purchased a Blue Chip pick. The damn thing was very expensive, as far as picks go. Blue Chip said if I did not like it, I could send it back and get something else. Fair enough deal.

        I bought the TD 40 and it is an amazing pick, smooth as silk.

        I don't often take it out to bars or clubs, and if I do, I put it in my pocket so I don't loose it.

        I plan on ordering a few more down the road, after I re-mortgage the homestead. Just kidding.

        They have 100's of style and thicknesses to choose from.

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          I've got a big callus on the side of my thumb that works pretty well . I only started using picks on a regular basis about 10 years ago


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            FWIW super pickers like Benson, Methany, Verheyen and a host of others all pick with the long edge (side) of the pick
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              you can learn how to sweep the carpet ,apparently this sorts out yer naff pick,

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                The point will last 30 seconds in actual usage.

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              In my experience to reduce pick noise while strumming I use THIN picks. If I'm picking individual notes I'll use V-pick screamers. V-picks increase your volume as well. It's a little freaky.
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                i like the sound of the pick on single strings ,especially a jimmy page type sound.

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              FWIW, I find that nylon picks like Dunlop or DAVA are reasonably quiet. Not as quiet as felt but definitely quieter than celluloid.
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              UPDATE: Okay got the felt picks. They are definitely more muted. However while tolerable for strumming the tips are far too thick and soft for single string work. They grab and snag on unbound strings making playing clumsy. So that is not the solution.
              Looks like next try will be the expensive V picks.
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                FWIW, Tusq, Tortex, Ultex, Acetal, Blue Chip...

                I use Acetal on electric; has soft attack - vital when I used to pick like a caveman. I've evoluted somewhat but I still use 'em.

                And the Blue Chip Mikeo suggests...
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                  I've heard that Dunlop Stubby Jazz picks are really quiet.


                  • Grant Harding
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                    I use the red ones for a few songs. I think part of it is that they're so tiny that you have to just use the very tip. Great for jazz or fast single note stuff.

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                  I use Dunlop Tortex Jazz ( green ones) or Dunlop JP ( they are just slightly larger ). These picks are suppose to only use a small portion of the tip (1/8 >) and at a angle in a small circular motion.