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    Hello friends, I have an old BBE sonic maximizer 262 that I want to incorporated since i have very fond memories of its influence to the sound. I play both 6 and 7 string guitars and various genres so I'm taking a lot of time on getting the right tone or sound for each of batch of music. I remember the BBE getting messed up alot so maybe it wasn't used properly. I read that it wasn't intended for guitars....If there is any information you can give me on it , would be helpful since I want to fix it and use it or buy one that is working. If you have any info on fixing it or review or know how to use it properly, or if there are newer better models, please let me know. I want to record in the summer and it would be very helpful. Thank you

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    It appears the 262 is a stereo, line-level unit. It can still be used with electric guitar, but it's best to use it in your amp's effects loop if it has one. BBE makes a "guitar pedal" version of the Sonic Maximizer called the Sonic Stomp; if your guitar amp doesn't have an effects loop you'd probably be better off using the Sonic Stomp version.


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      I have the 362, 462 and Stomp Sonic. Add a buffer to change the guitar's high impedance ( if you are using passive pickups ) to low impedance and your sound will be immaculate.
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        I don't know what repairs are required. I have used BBE on my acoustic guitars on & off for a long time.They are easy to operate & not expensive.

        I have an old 462 (full rack version of your 262) and I have a Sonic Stomp. I used the 462 on vocals a lot too.

        I don't know where you reside. But the Sonic Stomp box sells for $35 & up on . A lot of the BBE rack modules sell for less than $100.

        Manual for your 262:

        Manual for BBE Sonic Stomp pedal.

        The units are so cheap, you can get a newer model & still stay <$100

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